YAYOGE UV LED Bubble-Flower Set Blooming Flower Quick Building Gel Polish Essential Kit

- It's very friendly for people who don't have nail art skills but want to make a nail art design.

- Just need 30s to build a flower on your nails,everyone can do it,no need professional nail art skill.

- Except flower,you can make other patterns besides flowers, but it require you have nail art diy skill.



Name: Ice Flower Gel,Blooming Liquid

Ice Flower Gel: 10ml

Blooming Liquid: 15ml

Curing by: only Ice Flower Gel need curing by uv/led nail lamp.


How to use:

1.Prepare a colored nail first.If you are using it for the first time,please finish white color polish or gel polish on nail before as base color.

2.Apply a layer of ice flower gel,don't curing it.

3.Drop a drop of Blooming Liquid on nail surface,the flower will bloom in 3s then curing 60s-120s under UV/LED Nail Lamp.

4.Apply top coat,curing 60s-120s under UV/LED Nail Lamp.


Package Included:

1 Bottle x 10ml Ice Flower Gel

1 Bottle x 15ml Blooming Liquid

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