Magnetic Bright Dark Aerolite Wide Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish Soak Off UV LED A71(10ml)

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Please Note:??Use it match the Magnet, if you want the cat eye effect, otherwise, it looks like the normal polish.

This is a dark color and bright, wide magnetic gel.
It is easy to use, no irritating smell and lasting shine.
This nail gel has magnetic powder, so you need to use a magnet board for nail art.
Use the magnet board close your nail 1-2s to magnet gel.

Color: Wide Dark Aerolite
Type: Magnetic Gel Polish
Size: #1#2#3#4#5#6

If you follow the steps,the gel is lasting 2 weeks of perfect.

Professional Usage:

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Step 1. Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.
Step 2. Apply Base Gel first, which can make polish lasting longer and sticky cure it under UV/LED Lamp (UV Lamp curing / LED Lamp 1 minutes )
Step 3. Apply 1st layer of cat eye gel,cure it under UV / LED lamp.(UV Lamp curing / LED Lamp curing 1 minutes)
when dry, apply the 2nd layer do it again until dry and apply the 3nd layer,DO NOT CURE.
Step 4.Use the magnet board or petal magnet rod close to nail 1-2s,push on the magnet to push the entire face. But keep away from the gel.(If you think the effect is not good,curing it 1 minutes and do Step 4 again)
Step 5.When wide line appear immediately cure it under UV / LED lamp.(UV Lamp curing / LED Lamp 1 minutes )
Stpe 6.Apply Top Coat.(UV Lamp curing 3 minutes / LED Lamp curing 2 minutes)

Package Included:
1Pc x Cat Eye Nail Gel

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