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The Stamper is used for nail art stamping, first you should have a nail art stamping plate.
1. rip off the film on the stamping plate,
2. put a drop of polish on the pattern you want, then use the scraper spead the nail polish evenly.
3. press the stamp on the pattern, and then print it on your nails.

Material: Stainless Steel
Quantity: 1
Rectangular Plate Size: About 12 ?¨¢ 6 cm
Pattern: as shown in the

How to use:
1. Apply base coat or base oil on nail.
2. Apply the nail polish to desired image within a plate. (Recommended: Use the Solid Color Nail Polish /Nail Gel, so that the texture will be thicker than other nail polish or Nail Gel)
3. Make a scraper leaned over 45 degrees and scrape excessive polish off quickly and strongly from inside to outside.
4. Immediately press the stamper with a gentle rolling motion to pick up the design. The image is transferred on the stamp.
5. Stamp the image on your nail with a gentle rolling motion. The image is transferred on your nail.
6. Repeat the above steps for all of your nails.
7. After stamping, if you used nail polish please apply bright oil,if you used nail gel please apply top coat and cure dry.

Package Included:
1 Pc x Stamping Plates

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