YAYOGE Halloween Full Cover Nail Art Sticker Halloween Party Nail Art DIY

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Halloween Full Cover Nail Sticker Quick finished nail art design,just one stick.

No need nail lamp to cure.

Fast and portable to get nail art easily, pregnant women can use it.


Note:After sitck,please avoid the sticker touching the water within three hours.



Type: Halloween Color: 6colors selectable

Product size: 92*58mm

Product:Full Cover Nail Sticker



1. Clean your nail surface.

2. Select the right size to nail size.

3. Align the nail edge of the nail to stick it and press it in the middle of the nail.

4. Peel the thin layer of the sticker.

5. Be sure to press the surrounding stickers and no wrinkles around the nails.

6. Polish the excess nail film with a purlin.


Package included:

1Pc x Full Cover Nail Sticker

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