9Pcs/set Poly Gel Set P27-S2-3P(60ML)

Just 3 simple steps to use,squeeze,slice,roll.
Lighter and Stronger,23% lighter than acrylics.
Fast and easy,no chasing or intense heat spike.
Unlimted playtime,you can work at your own speed.
Its not easy to flow.if you are nail art beginner ,you can slowly smear it to the nail tips.
When its dried,its exactly like a real nail.

Curing By:uv led dryer lamp
Type: 9Pcs Polygel Set
NET WT: 60ml

How to Use:
1.File your nail surface lightly
2.Smear base coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel stronger with nails )
3.Select a suitable size false nail tip.Squeeze the right amount of polygel into nail tip and use nail brush with a little slip solution to make polygel competely cover into nail tip.
4.Stick nail tip on your nail to make it compelety flying up,and curing by LED Dryer Lamp 30-60s
5.Remove nail tip,manicure your extended nail.
6.Smear top coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel more shiny)


Package Included:
9Pcs/set Polygel Set

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