YAYOGE 7Pcs Purple Nail Shell Glitter Kit UV LED Builder Gel Polish Art Design Set Nail DIY

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This is a Nail Art Design Kit If you want make up the effect of image,please follow our Instruction.

No matter professional or new,follow our instruction you will know how to use this set.

Easy to use,soak off,varnish,nail gel polish set.

How to use:

1- After applying the primer lamp, apply purple nail polish glue to the nail half position without lighting. 2- Then go to the position where the pink nail polish is applied to the other side without lighting.

3- Use the flat-head phototherapy pen to gently pass over the two colors, and the gradient effect appears. The light is 60S.

4- Repeat the above operation 2 times after applying the primer lamp.

5- Pull out the shape backlight 60S with a pull pen.

6- Apply a cover light.

7- Take out the magic mirror powder No.

10 color and rub the mirror surface back and forth with a brush, and apply the seal light to complete. Note: Brush once to clean the brush to avoid excessive unevenness.



Brand Name: Yayoge

Product: Purple Gel Polish,Pink Gel Polish,Nail Shell,Nail Shell Pearl,Nail Mirror Powder,UV Gel Brush Pen,UV Builder Gel


Package Included:

7Pcs/Set Nail Shell Design Set

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