US WAREHOUSE YAYOGE 7/13Pcs Temperature Color Changing Polygel Medium Kit

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Brand Name: YAYOGE

Polygel Capacity: 15ml

Slip Solution Capacity: 45ml

Base Coat: 10ml

Top Coat: 10ml


How to use:

1.Using sponge rubbing to polish inside and edge roundly.

2.Apply a thin base coat, cure with LED UV lamp 60s.

3.Using a nail mold that is slightly larger than your real nail, apply extended gel into nail mold.

4.Stick the mold to your real nail then curing it with UV LED lamp.

5.Remove the mold, polish the nail shape you want.

6.Apply the top coat, cure with LED UV lamp 60s.


Package Included:

7Pcs/Set Polygel Kit or 13Pcs/Set Polygel Kit

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