YAYOGE 13/6Pcs Glitter Polygel Kit UV LED Nail Art Kit


Glitter Polygel is a glitter extension gel.

Polygel is lighter 23% than nail tips.

Glitter color is a newest color of our hot polygel,it saves you from buying glitter gel. Professional quality nail gel ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.

Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.

Good colors for all occasions.



Brand Name:


Capacity: 30ml

Kit Included: 8/1Pc x 30ml Glitter Polygel,1Pc x Nail Brush,1Pc x 10ml base coat, 1Pc x 10ml top coat,1Pc x 45ml Slip Solution,1Pc x 100Pcs/Set 10Types Nail Mold Tips


How to Use:

1.File your nail surface lightly

2.Apply base coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel stronger with nails )

3.Select a suitable size nail mold tip.Squeeze the right amount of polygel into nail tip and use nail brush with a little slip solution to make polygel competely cover into nail tip.

4.Stick nail tip on your nail to make it compelety cover on nails,and curing by LED Dryer Lamp 30-60s

5.Remove nail mold tips,manicure your extended nail.

6.Apply top coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel more shiny) 7.Done! Package Included: 6Pcs/Set Glitter Polygel Set


Package Included:

13Pcs/Set Glitter Polygel Set

or 6Pcs/Set Glitter Polygel Set

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