YAYOGE 56g Nail Builder Gel UV Led Fast Nail Extended Base Top Coat Hard Jelly Gel Nail Art Tool

1.buff nail / nail tip. clean and dehydrate nail with nail prep.
2.apply a very thin layer of bonder or natural nail primer if needed.
3.apply builder gel and cure for uv gel for tip overlays, free form sculpting and pedicure!
4.nontoxic chemical stimulation, harmless of human body and nail.
5.with the same willfulness as the natural nail, flexible, easy to break.
6.no burning or yellowing, crystal clear, glossy and transparent.
7.durable, anti-alcohol, beautiful color will not fall off.

Brand Name: YAYOGE
Type: UV Gel
Color: #1Ultra White,#2Clear,#3Cover Pink
#4Soft Pink,#5Thin Pink,#6Light Pink,#7Bonder(Base Coat),#8Intense Seal(Top Coat)
#7Transparent Pink
NET WT:56g

How To Use:
builder gel clear for nail 2oz
get the strength of acrylics and clear look of gels.
builder gels wears naturally on nails and is ideal for tip overlays and sculpting.
they are odor-free, have a permanent high gloss shine, and are available in the gentle, cool cure formula.
cure time: 3 minutes.

Package Included:
1Pc x YAYOGE Nail Builder