YAYOGE 3Pcs/Set Nail Builder Gel Base Top Coat N16_set02


This is builder gel series 1(fluid),so you need nail guiding forms to prevent from flowing and wasting.(my store have nail forms)

buff nail / nail tip. clean and dehydrate nail with nail prep.
apply a very thin layer of bonder or natural nail primer if needed.
apply builder gel and cure for uv gel for tip overlays, free form sculpting and pedicure!
nontoxic chemical stimulation, harmless of human body and nail.
with the same willfulness as the natural nail, flexible, easy to break.
no burning or yellowing, crystal clear, glossy and transparent.
durable, anti-alcohol, beautiful color will not fall off.

Brand Name: YAYOGE
Type: UV Gel
Color: #1 Clear + Bonder + Intense Seal
#2 Pink + Bonder + Intense Seal
#3 White + Bonder + Intense Seal
#4 Cover Pink + Bonder + Intense Seal
#5 Soft Pink + Bonder + Intense Seal
#6 Light Pink + Bonder + Intense Seal
#7 Thin Pink + Bonder + Intense Seal
#8 Clear,White,Pink,Cover Pink + Bonder + Intense Seal
NET WT:56g

Package Included:
1Pc x YAYOGE Nail Builder
1Pc x YAYOGE Bonder (base coat)
1Pc x YAYOGE Intense Seal (top coat)

How to soak off the UV/LED Color Gel Polish Nail Art UV Builder Gel?
Step 1: Soak cotton pad with liquid remover.
Step 2: Warp the finger.
Step 3: Wait for 2~5min.
Step 4: Gently file away.
Is there any attention for the UV/LED Color Gel Polish Nail Art UV Builder Gel?
1. Keep away from children.
2. Keep away from sunshine and heat.
3. Keep tightly sealed after use.
4. Follow directions for use.
5. Discontinue use if sensitization occurs.
6. It's normal phenomenon if the gel goes thicker in the case of temp.


Warmly Summary:

The general phototherapy process includes:
Manicure, Use Nail Paper Holder, Add UV Gel, UV LED lamp curing, Remove fingertips, trimming and polishing, coating layer, phototherapy lamp curing, Decoration.

Usually need to use:
Manicure tools, Paper Holder, Top Coat, UV Brush Pen, basic and color gels, quick-drying water, UV LED lamps, etc.

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