3 Pcs/Set Builder Gel/Paper Form Set UV LED Gel X16-A3(14g)

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Cover Pink
Soft Pink
Light Pink


1.buff nail / nail tip. clean and dehydrate nail with nail prep.

2.apply a very thin layer of bonder or natural nail primer if needed.

3.apply builder gel and cure for uv gel for tip overlays, free form sculpting and pedicure!

Color:clear,white,pink,cover pink,thin pink,soft pink,light pink

Set included: 1Pc builder gel,20Pcs nail forms,1pc nail brush

How To Use:

1.File your nail surface lightly

2.Brush base coat and curing by Nail LED Lamp 1-2min or Nail UV Lamp 3min 3.Set nail forms on you nails,brushing builder gel on nails until the length you want it,curing by LED Lamp 1-2min or UV Lamp 3min.

4.Brush top coat and curing Nail LED Lamp 1-2min or Nail UV Lamp 3min

Package Included:

3Pcs/Set 14g Builder Gel Set

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