US WAREHOUSE YAYOGE 13Pcs/Set Polygel Set Nail Quick Builder UV LED Nail Extension Set Nail Art Salon

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Brand name: YAYOGE
Product: As the pictures shown.
Type: Polygel White Lamp Set
Polygel Pink Lamp Set
Curing By:uv led dryer lamp
Soak off:Yes

How to Use:
1.File your nail surface lightly
2.Smear base coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel stronger with nails )
3.Select a suitable size false nail tip.Squeeze the right amount of polygel into nail tip and use nail brush with a little slip solution to make polygel competely cover into nail tip.
4.Stick nail tip on your nail to make it compelety flying up,and curing by LED Dryer Lamp 30-60s 
5.Remove nail tip,manicure your extended nail.
6.Smear top coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel more shiny)

Package Included:
13Pcs/set Polygel Set