10Pcs/Set Halloween Nail Art Transfer Foil Sticker Horror Pumpkin

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The most important thing to note is that this is not a water-based sticker.

It needs use with star glue to transfer the pattern to nails.

Because it completely transfers the pattern to the nail, the color of the pattern is brighter than water-based sticker.

No sticker thickness,looks like a DIY on nails.

Brand Name:YAYOGE

Products: Nail Sticker

Color: Details please see in images.

Size: 20*4cm

Package Included:


How to use:

1.Apply star glue on nails for transfer,wait 2 minutes.

2.Cut and press the foil on nails smoothly and completely and wait 5-10s. 3.Then take off transfer foil sticker,the pattern will be transfered.

4.Apply top coat,curing 60s or apply oil nail polish/clear nail polish

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