10Pcs Builder Gel Fiberglass Silk Extension Fiberglass Form Nail Art Tool

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Easy to use, accurate, perfect and durable decoration

Suitable for use with poly gel extension, acrylic applications

Ultra-thin, the perfect choice for your nail mode

Different sizes for you to choose, suitable for most people



Brand: Yayoge

Material: superior quality ABS / Fiberglass nail

Size: different sizes, as the picture shows

Color: Clear


How to use:

1. Deposit the nail surface slightly

2. Apply a very thin layer of the base layer, and cure under UV / led lamp.

3. select a suitable shape and size fake nail tip.

4.Apply Poly Gel on nail mold, use nail art pen with a cleaner to make smooth gel.

5. Stick to your real fingernail and make sure it fully furrow-up, and heal under UV / led lamp.

6. Remove the fake nail tip, trim the shape and polish the nails.

7. Apply topcoat and cure under UV / led lamp.

8. design your nail with your satisfied models.

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