US WAREHOUSE Stiletto Sharp Nail Tips FN500-T1-J

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Features: Environmentally friendaly materials that will be good to your health.

Help you creat your own nail art for a few mintues.

Easy to stick and remove.

High Toughness that will not crack New ABS materials,it is more flexible and not easy to break Nails can be worn for about a week.

Wait a few hours or overnight before re-applying.

Suitable for any occasions:party,holiday,gift and so soon



Material: ABS

Color: Natural Transparent

Comes in 10 finger sizes.

50 of each size.


How to use:

1- Choose the false nails that suits your nail size, which can be slightly polished for trimming to make the nail better fit our nails.

2- Polish your nails with a purlin and remove the grease from the nail surface.

3- Apply a proper amount of gel to the trimmed nails.

4- Press and hold the fingertips and stick them on the nails for about 10 seconds.

5- You can see that the false nails and nails can be precisely fitted.

6- Trim the length you want with a word-cut to complete.


Package Included: 500Pcs x Nail Stiletto French Nail Tips

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