US WAREHOUSE 8 Colors Chameloen& Basic Polygel Kit P1426-8P

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16Pcs 15ml Coloring Changing Polygel Kit is 45$

7Pcs 30ml Pink Polygel Kit with 6W Pink Nail Lamp is 15.99$



Polygel is a type of hard gel for lasting long.

If you think it is hard to squeeze out,put it under warm water at about 60???for 5-10 mins then take it out and squeeze it as normal.

1) High-molecular materials.

2) No odor and no toxic.

3) Don¡¯t hurt nails.

4) Without dull, chip or peel from the color.

5) High gloss and lasting over a month.

6) MSDS and SGS,CE,REACH certificate.

7) Suitable for all kinds of people.


How to use:

1.File your nail surface lightly

2.Apply base coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel stronger with nails )

3.Select a suitable size false nail tip.Squeeze the right amount of polygel into nail tip and use nail brush with a little slip solution to make polygel competely cover into nail tip.

4.Stick nail tip on your nail to make it compelety flying up,and curing by LED Dryer Lamp 30-60s

5.Remove nail tip,manicure your extended nail.

6.Apply top coat and curing by LED Lamp 30-60s ( Make polygel more shiny) 7.Done!


Package Included:

7Colors 15ml Color Changing Polygel

60ml Slip Solution

18W Nail LED Lamp

Nail File

Steel Push

Nail Holder Clip

100Pcs/Set Nail Mold Tips

10ml Base Coat

10ml Top Coat

Spatula Brush

+ Free Gift

30ml Pink Polygel

6W Pink LED Nail Lamp

60ml Slip Solution

10Pcs Nail Wrap Remover

100Pcs/Set Nail Mold Tips

Spatula Brush

Nail File

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