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White polygel - Pink Lamp
White polygel - White Lamp
Coral Pink polygel - Pink Lamp
Coral Pink polygel - White Lamp
Nude Pink polygel - Pink Lamp
Nude Pink polygel - White Lamp
Tender Pink polygel - Pink Lamp
Tender Pink polygel - White Lamp


Please follow the instruction to use, if you don't use base coat first,nail will fall down very soon.

It is suitable for professional use or home use.

Just 3 simple steps to use,squeeze,slice,roll.

Lighter and Stronger,23% lighter than acrylics.

Suitable for using with other nail art products.


Brand name: YAYOGE

Product:Polygel,Slip Solution,6W LED Nail Lamp, 10pcs nail remover wrap,dual-end pen,base coat,top coat,nail file,100pcs 10types nail tips

Choice: Clear polygel + Pink Lamp,Clear polygel + White Lamp, Pink polygel + Pink Lamp,Pink polygel + White Lamp, White polygel + Pink Lamp,White polygel + White Lamp, Cover Pink polygel + Pink Lamp,Cover Pink polygel + White Lamp, Coral Pink polygel + Pink Lamp,Coral Pink polygel + White Lamp, Nude Pink polygel + Pink Lamp,Nude Pink polygel + White Lamp, Tender Pink polygel + Pink Lamp,Tender Pink polygel + White Lamp,

Curing By:uv led dryer lamp(Best to use LED Lamp)

Curing Time: UV Lamp: 3minutes LED Lamp: 60-90s

How to Use:

1.File your nail surface lightly

2.Brush base coat on your nail and curing by LED Lamp 60-90s or UV Lamp 3 minutes ( Make polygel stronger with nails )

3.Select a suitable size false nail tip.Squeeze the right amount of polygel into nail tip inner and use nail brush dip slip solution to push polygel competely cover into nail tip.

4.Stick nail tip on your nail to make it compelety fitting with nails(no ,and curing by LED Lamp 60-90s or UV Lamp 3 minutes

5.Remove nail tip,manicure your extended nail.

6.Brush top coat and curing by LED Lamp 60-90s or UV Lamp 3 minutes ( Make polygel more shiny)


Package Included:

9Pcs/set Polygel Set

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