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12Pcs Polygel Set

Our product both are bigger capacity than other brand.

Polygel 30ml.base & top coat 10ml,slip solution 45ml,nail tips 100pcs/10types.

This product is very suitable for beginners or make nails by self.

Its not easy to flow.if you are nail art beginner ,you can slowly smear it to the nail tips.

When it is cured,its exactly like a real nail.


Brand name: YAYOGE

Product: 3Pcs Pink Polygel Set,3Pcs White Polygel Set,3Pcs Clear Polygel Set ,7Pcs Polygel Set,12Pcs Polygel Set

Curing By: UV/LED Dryer Lamp (60-120s/30-60s)

Soak off:Yes

User Manual:

(See instruction in following pictures)

1.Polish nail

2.Smear base coat cure 60s.

3.Squeeze polygel into nail tips inner,use brush dip slip solution,lightly pat and brush polygel divide evenly.

4.Set nail tips, Curing 60s-120s by UV LED Lamp

5.Smear top coat, cure 60-120s.

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