UK WAREHOUSE 3 Basic Colors Polygel Set P27-S7(60ml)

Clear Polygel + White Lamp
Clear Polygel + Pink Lamp
Pink Polygel + White Lamp
Pink Polygel + Pink Lamp
White Polygel + White Lamp
White Polygel + Pink Lamp

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9Pcs/set Polygel Set (Polygel+Slip Solution+Base Coat+Top Coat+File
+Nail Tips+LED Dryer Lamp+Brush+Nail Remover)
The Led dryer lamp is 6W,don't worry it can light dry nails please cure each time for 60s.

Curing By:led dryer lamp (best to use LED Lamp)
Product: As the picture shown.
Type: Pink+Pink Lamp,Pink+White Lamp,
White+Pink Lamp,White+White Lamp,
Clear+Pink Lamp,Clear+White Lamp
NET WT: 60ml / 1Pc

User Manual:
1.Ginding nails
2.Smear base coat curing 60s by LED nail dryer Lamp.
3.Squeeze polygel on nail tips inner,stick the brush on slip solution and smear polygel divide evenly.
4.Set nail tips on nails, curing 60s by LED nail dryer lamp.
5.Smear top coat, curing 60s by LED nail dryer lamp.

Package Included:
9Pcs/set Yayoge Polygel Set

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