UK WAREHOUSE 7 Colors Chameleon Poly Gel Kit P14-S2-2P(15ml)

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Brand Name: YAYOGE

Item Type:Polygel set

Cured: UV Lamp or LED Lamp

Lasting Period: 2-4 Weeks(Pls kindly follow our instructions to use)


* Great for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art Learner;

* Ideal for creating your own beautiful nail art design on finger or toe nails;

* Suitable for using with other nail art products ;

* Can be used on artificial nails as well as natural nails.



1.Using sponge rubbing to polish inside and edge roundly.

2.Apply a thin base coat, cure with LED lamp 30s or UV lamp 60s.

3.Using nail mold, apply extended gel into nail mold.

4.Stick the mold to your real nail then curing it

5.Remove the mold, polish the nail shape you want.

6.Apply the top coat, cure with LED lamp 30s or UV lamp 60s.


Pls note:This polygel should be cured with nail lamp, otherwise it will drop from nails.


Package included:

9Pcs Chameleon Polygel Set or 17Pcs Chameleon Polygel Set

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