13Pcs/Set Poly Gel Gel UV LED Nail Extension Kit P26-Set06-3P(30ml)

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Clear+Pink+Nude Pink
White+Coral Pink+Tender Pink
Clear+Cover Pink+Nude Pink



Color : Multi-Color

Polygel Volume:30ML

Warrenty:24 months

Curing Lamp:UV LED lamp

Keeping Time:15 Days Or Above.

Approval:MSDS, SGS

Type:Soak Off UV Led Builder Gel Acrylic Extension Gel.


Applicable :

Nail Artister,Nail Art,Lover,Beauty Lover,Chic,Fashionable people.



1) High-molecular materials.

2) No odor and no toxic.

3) Don??£¤t hurt nails.

4) Without dull, chip or peel from the color.

5) High gloss and lasting over a month.

6) MSDS and SGS certificate.

7) Suitable for all kinds of people.


Package Included:

3Pcs Polygel

3Pcs nail brushes

1pc steel push

1pc nail file

1pc base coat

1pc top coat

1pc slip solution

1pc 6W nail lamp

100Pcs/Set nail tips

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