4 Colors Sculpture Nail Gel 3D Carved Gel Kit DH

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Gel used to make a 3d pattern of nail art
Please store in a cool dry place.

Easy to Sculpt.
DIY nail art, new fashion trends.
Healthy and eco-friendly ingredient.
Soak off nail gel, very shiny surface, easy to apply andeasy to remover.

Brand Name: Yayoge
Type: Painting Gel
Curing By: UV/LED Lamp
Content: 2 colors carved gel (#007 #009), 1*Sculpture Brush Pen, 1*Painting Gel(#010),1*luminours Carved Gel(#001), 1* Cone Pen, 1* Barbie Pink Gel Polish, 1* Pink Starry Sky Glitter Gel

Package Included:
1 x Carved Nail Gel Set

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