About Us

There is nothing a good manicure can't fix.
Beauty should never be a privilege.
Let's bringing the nail salon home.

Now It's your time to create
For your designs are what we have been looking for :)

Our Story

YaYoGe,founded 2017 by Lin. provides budget friendly and vegan & cruelty free nail products.

More than anything else, we want to provide good products and good communication.I love nail art,love making my own nails and feel amazed and feel achieving something beautiful little by little when I'm doing my nails.and I want to share this great feeling with you guys.

It's a journey about fun and beauty! Do your nails the way you like,learn with other YaYoGers at this community.share your designs and your happiness with us.

It may sounds like a dream, but that's the reason why we put unicorns on our nails right? #unicorn nails #yayoge

Now let's have some fun!

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If You wanna know more about us. here is a very specific chattie about us.

Yayoge As a thriving nail art supplier seeks to lead in professionism and trend by : Providing the nailies with various of tools,which are needed to support their beautiful career to be even more successful , along with the latest trending and most edge-leading products in nail art industry. Providing opportunities for nailies to learn proper knowledges about our products, supporting training videos internationally through all social media platforms. We wish to provide wonderful atmosphere and satisfying services for Nail Art Lovers, by providing video guidance, and offering various of products, also fluquently intereact with nailies society. To inspire and be inspired. We make our prophecy as : Yayoge will be your Best choice as choosing the consultance service for nail art ,and will be in the center of nail art cultural circle. We provide decent quality products for your talent to be presented fully, and your nail art can be glamourous for long period of time.

Yayoge's major products include Polygel/Dipping Powder/Gel Polish and etc... Most of our customers are from Northern America/Europe and Asia... We have warehouses in United Kingdom/United States/Belgium and Russia etc. Our products are considered easy to use and nature friendly and cruelty-free products.