US WAREHOUSE 7 Colors Chameloen Poly Gel Kit+4in1 Dipping Powder P14-DP-2P

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12Pcs 15ml Color Changing Polygel Kit is 17.99$

4in1 Dipping Powder #06 is 3.75$



Polygel is a type of hard gel for lasting long.

If you think it is hard to squeeze out,put it under warm water at about 60???for 5-10 mins then take it out and squeeze it as normal.

1) High-molecular materials.

2) No odor and no toxic.

3) Don¡¯t hurt nails.

4) Without dull, chip or peel from the color.

5) High gloss and lasting over a month.

6) MSDS and SGS,CE,REACH certificate.

7) Suitable for all kinds of people.

4IN1 Dipping Powder is a multifunctional dipping powder

Mirror Effect Step:

1: Apply no-wipe base coat on your nails, cure with UV lamp 60s.

2: Apply nail polish(any color) on the nails and cure with UV lamp 60-120s.

3: Use eyeshadow stick or silicone brush to pick the powder and apply it onto the nails.

4: Rub the surface constantly until you are satisfied with the mirror effect.

5: Seal it with no-wipe top coat and cure with lamp 60-120s.

Nail Extension

Step: 1.Apply the base coat, cure by LED/UV lamp.

2.Put a nail form on your nail.

3.Brush the acrylic powder with acrylic liquid on the nail.

4.Apply it to the nail. Wait it dry.

5.Take off the nail form.

6.Trim the shape of your nails.

7.Apply the top coat, cure by LED/UV lamp.


Nail Carving Design

Step: 1.Dip the crystal acrylic powder with acrylic liquid by a brush.

2.Stick it to your nail and carve. Wait it dry.

3.Apply the top coat, cure by LED/UV lamp.


Dipping Glitter Decorations

Step: 1.Apply a base coat, cure by LED/UV lamp.

2.Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish, brush off excess powder.

3.Apply the dip activator, wait for air dry.

4.Apply top coat, cure by LED/UV lamp.



Package Included:

15ml Green Color Changing Polygel

15ml Yellow Color Changing Polygel

60ml Slip Solution

10ml Base Coat

10ml Top Coat


Nail File

Steel Push

2 x Nail Brush

Nail Holder Clip

100Pcs/Set Nail Mold Tips

+ Free Gift

4in1 Dipping Powder #06


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