YAYOGE 15ml Chameleon Polygel P14

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Colors can change with 10?? to 30??.

If you follow instruction will keep 3 weeks.

Suitable for professional use or home use.

Just 3 simple steps to use,squeeze,slice,roll.

Lighter and Stronger,23% lighter than acrylics.

Can be used on artificial nails as well as natural nails;



Brand Name: Yayoge

Item Type: Nail Extension Gel

Curing By:uv led dryer lamp

Colors:Green,Yellow,Blue,Orange,Red,Rose Red,Black

NET WT:15ml


How to use:

1. File the nail surface and apply base coat,then curing 60S.

2. Squeeze polygel into nail mold inner.(is not normal nail tips)

3. Take a nail brush and dip slip solution to pat polygel evenly on nail mold inner. 4. Cover nail mold on the nail surface completely,curing 60S.

5. Take off nail mold.

6. Aplply Top Coat,curing 60S.


Package Included:

1Pc x Color Change Polygel

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