8 Colors Chameleon Polygel Kit P14-A5(15ml)

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Brand Name: YAYOGE
Item Type: Polygel Kit
Polygel color:black/blue/green/orange/red/rose/yellow
Cured: UV Lamp or LED Lamp
Lasting Period: 2-4 Weeks(Pls kindly follow our instructions to use)

NEWEST TRENDY NAIL ART-- Latest temperature changing nail gel. Nail gel color becomes lighter as the temperature increase. Easier to control than other nail extension gel products, magical and great fun
ECO-FRIENDLY; LONG-LASTING-- Made of an eco-friendly, non-toxic gel material. Last up to 15~20 days if you operate appropriately. A thicker layer of nail gel will keep longer
EASY TO BUILD-- Fast application and easy for you to create a beautiful and durable nail extension nail art. You can also use this nail gel tool to do your acrylic UV nails or other nail extensions
BEST GIFT FOR STARTERS-- Suitable for professional salon beauty shop or at home personal use, UV gel nails, false nails, acrylic nails, nail tips

1.Using sponge rubbing to polish inside and edge roundly.
2.Apply a thin base coat, cure with LED UV lamp 60s.
3.Using a nail mold that is slightly larger than your real nail, apply extended gel into nail mold.
4.Stick the mold to your real nail then curing it with UV LED lamp.
5.Remove the mold, polish the nail shape you want.
6.Apply the top coat, cure with LED UV lamp 60s.

Pls note:
This polygel should be cured with LED UV lamp, otherwise it will drop from nails.
This polygel should be used with base coat and top coat.

Package includes:1*Set(2pcs)
1*15ml color change poly gel
1*nail mold tips(100pcs, 10 sizes)

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