YAYOGE Polygel | YAYOGE Polygel nail kit

June 12, 2019

YAYOGE Polygel | YAYOGE Polygel nail kit

Product In site have the most variety YAYOGE Polygel like 15ml,30ml,60ml and Different sizes of polygel set.

YAYOGE Polygel is a new gel polish for extending fingertip.You know many beautiful nail art designs require you to have long, slender nails.You can use fake nail tips to get the effect.but the fake nail tips is heavy and no breathe freely.

If you use YAYOGE Polygel:

Just 3 simple steps to use,squeeze,slice,roll.
Lighter and Stronger,23% lighter than acrylics and fake nail tips.
Fast and easy,no chasing or intense heat spike.
Unlimted playtime,you can work at your own speed.


Don't worry, I haven't used YAYOGE polygel before.

Because:1.YAYOGE polygel is not easy to flow,and doesn't dry naturally,so you can slowly sculpture as your own speed.

2.We provide instruction for you .Make sure you compelety control YAYOGE polygel

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Poly Gel is suitable for professional use or home use. Just 3 simple steps to use,squeeze,slice,roll.Lighter and Stronger,23% lighter than acrylics.Fast and easy,no chasing or intense heat spike.Can be used on artificial nails as well as natural nails;So if your interested in it,maybe you can try to do it,bring the beauty salon to your home.

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