What type of woman are you according to your nail polish color?

October 23, 2018

What type of woman are you according to your nail polish color?

What type of woman are you according to your nail polish color?



Which woman does not have at least one bottle of nail polish in her home? And how many are those for whom the good manicure is as important as the regular combing of their hair?

The color of the nail polish we prefer, as well as all the other things that make up our style, speak a lot about what we are as a character.

Here are the interpretations according to our favorite color of nail polish.

The fans of light beige and bodily shades are just like the character of Charlotte in “Sex and the City” – good, decent girls, dreaming of a stable family, healthy children and perfect hair. These are not party girls, nor flighty girls but ambitious, diligent even exemplary young ladies.


The red color – from dark burgundy to the tomato shades is reserved for the passionate ladies. They smoke not so much because they have nicotine hunger, but because they like how they look like, holding a cigarette in their long fingers with a fire manicure. For the same reason they want to get the attention of all men – not because they need it, but just to know they have it. These ladies are also very vain and always want to look in the best and sexiest way possible.


The blue and green are reserved for the brave and adventurous women. They are often admirers of the retro music and vintage style as a whole. They hold on to their appearance, but they would not sacrifice comfort in the name of sex appeal (as would do the lovers of the red color).

The pink, as everyone might guess, is for the bearers of a romantic soul. They want peace for the whole world, candle evenings, butterflies in the belly and the perfect life of all fairy-tale creatures. They are gentle, kind and good, but have a dose of mischief in them and a drop of passion, making them real fairies – beautiful and naughty.

The black and too dark shades are reserved for the fatal women. They can be confused with the “red” ladies, but they have a sharper sense of humor and a heavy character. They attract the opposite sex in that they are slightly frightening with their confidence, self-reliance, charisma, and power that they radiate.

With nails, covered in brocade are the eccentric ladies who need to constantly change in order to feel good in their skin. They are hyperactive, noisy both in joy and sadness, and in their anger. They often go through all the other colors of the palette with polishes because they want to try out everything, and to play a role with another character for a day or two on the stage of their lives.

All the pictures, stamps, paintings, pebbles, etc., with which the nails can be decorated, give a clear signal that the child has not yet left the woman, but it is kind of tilting her style to the cheerful side of the childhood world.

Nails without nail polish or only with a colorless one speak of a strict, grounded woman who has no time for nonsense (at least in her head the manicure is something like that).

Her philosophy is that it does not matter what she wants, but what life can give her and how to get it. Such a woman is not afraid of work, including hard labor, she likes things to be simpler, but crystal clear. She has found her way and walks boldly on it.