5 mistakes in the manicure with gel polish

October 29, 2018

5 mistakes in the manicure with gel polish

5 mistakes in the manicure with gel polish



What to avoid and what to keep track of?


There are many reasons why we love the manicure with gel polish, but a few stand out significantly more than others.

We like the fact that it does not require drying time and can not be ruined or smeared. It lasts at least two weeks and guarantees absolutely perfect appearance during this period.


But when it comes to its cleaning, we can not but admit that we get slightly lazy.

When we choose whether to attempt to remove it on our own or go to a salon, usually the first prevails.

It turns out that this is not the only mistake we make in terms of the gel polish.


Here are the others:

 1.You peel the gel nail polish of the nails

If you will enter the world of the gel nail polish should stop with its peeling. After all, if you have decided to take off the color, better invest in a professional kit for that purpose. Otherwise you will end up with splitting nails, which will need at least a few weeks to recover.

 2.You avoid oil for cuticles

Despite the common assertion, the creams, lotions and oils have no influence on the gel manicure. Once it has been “baked” by the lamp, you can apply absolutely everything you want. In fact, the regular use of oil for cuticles will only be in your advantage.

 3.Going into the wrong salons

To find the right place to put your gel nail polish is a major step. Keep an eye on the technology in the placing because it is possible precisely this to be the reason your polish to peel off after a week. Moreover, old products can damage your nails. The hygiene is the other thing that you need to track mandatory. No need to tell you about the risks of infections and trouble that you can get.

 4.Wrong preparation

Usually the placement of the gel varnish is in several clear steps that must be followed. If the manicurist puts ordinary acetone instead of the special cosmetic product needed, do not settle with this and certainly do not come back in this beauty salon.

 5.You mix different products

Each brand manufactures its own kits for the placement of gel polish, even those for home usage. A big mistake is to “assemble” a set of other products from different brands because the formulas surely differ and sometimes may not be suitable for combination.


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