The colors we can not do without

October 29, 2018

The colors we can not do without

The colors we can not do without



Several colors of nail polish that will always do the job

As we have stated more than once, the manicure of a woman is of utmost importance.

It demonstrates femininity, class and style.

It must always be well maintained – neatly shaped and clean nails.

Regarding the nail polish, it expresses individuality and may in a great way to complement and diversify your vision.

The market offers a great assortment of colors and effects.

Of course, it is good the color of your nails to match your clothes and accessories.

However, there are several colors, that it is better to be present in your collection of nail polishes. They will always come into use and will look stylish. Here they are.



We are talking about the soft shades of pink. This is a romantic color that at the same time stands unobtrusively on the nails and fits together with almost all other colors.


Saturated red

The red color is challenging, passionate and very feminine. Manicure in scarlet or crimson red is an ageless classic. You will never go wrong with it, especially if you dress businesslike.



These are the bodily colors. They stand very stylish and beautiful on the nails. They talk about restraint and businesslike attitude. The ladies with a manicure in a similar color silently say they do not overdo with the beautifying treatments and makeup, but will not be seen with loose appearance or negligee.


Matte colors

They seem to be better suited for the colder months. This effect of the nail polish is very interesting and definitely brings diversity.


Bright colors

 These are the electric and neon colors that are a hit in the recent years. You could say that they are not particularly useful for business meetings, but they are a great choice for a party.


Only shine

The pearly shades or clearcoats that add glitter to the nail fit with everything and are always current. With them you only have to try your best the nail plate not to be yellowed or have remained traces of previous varnishes.

Pick a color which can make you to be better.Maybe Yayoge gel polish can help you to do that.

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