YAYOGE Fiberglass Silk for Nail Extension | How to use YAYOGE Extension Fiberglass

June 18, 2019 1 Comment

This is YAYOGE Extension Fiberglass Silk instruction video

Hi,everyone,this is a instruction of yayoge extension fiberglass

It's a replacer of nail form,harder and it stays longer.

Follow these easy step,you can extend your nail easily,no need go to nail salon

Nail art by yourself !! ^^


Involved products:

YAYOGE Base & Top Coat


YAYOGE Fiberglass Silk


YAYOGE Builder Gel


YAYOGE Nail Dryer Lamp



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Mary E Haase
Mary E Haase

July 07, 2019

I like this product… What I don’t like : There are no directions & the videos are vague. When I received my pkg. there was actually some kind of noise & when I opened it, it smelled like something was leaking. The nail liquid bottle was only half full, there was no seal on it. The black bottle of gel was unmarked, I had to guess what it was from the videos. I paid a lot of money & so far, I’m disappointed. I really don’t know what I’m doing, it’s totally trial & error. I’m afraid, my real nails will be ruined & I’ll have to go to a nail salon anyway. If there is anything you people can help me with, it would be appreciated.

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