How to polish our nails properly?

October 24, 2018

How to polish our nails properly?

How to polish our nails properly?



Technique with nail polish

The beautiful manicure, which we demonstrate every day in front of our colleagues and in front of all people in general seems easy and accessible for everyone.


Alas, things are not the same when you grab the brush and nail polish, and start applying the liquid.


The smeared cuticles, bubbles and uneven coats are part of the problems we face every time.


No matter how carefully we observe what the manicurist does with our nails at the salon we can never do our manicure the way she can.


To avoid the possible problems and to obtain a beautiful manicure we do not need much – a few strictly followed steps and we are ready.


To solve one of the biggest problems of women, we present exactly what movements you have to do with the brush when applying nail polish.


Before you start to polish necessarily take a cotton swab and a little Vaseline. Apply a small amount on the cuticles, being careful not to get any on the nails. In this manner even if you do not polish precisely, there will be no stains remaining around your nails.


After applying the base coat, you can start with the hardest part. Gently shake the bottle as it is good do it with circular movements between the wrists, so as not to obtain bubbles in the liquid itself. Apply a dot in the center of the nail and very gently push towards the cuticles. This way you will spread a large amount and it will remain just as much as you need for precise shaping.


When you have shaped the upper part, slide the brush down towards the end of the nail. With that you have marked from where to where you need to pass with the polish so as not to smudge any part of the finger. Start again from the base and slide the brush down to the curve. The natural shape of your nails will set the right direction.


Continue to apply until you completely cover one side. Repeat with the other side.


If necessary, you can apply a second or even third layer following the same technique of application. Finish with top coat and allow to dry. If necessary, you can speed up the process by dipping your hands in a bowl with cold water.

 With these tips, you can nail any mani.

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