Beauty DIY:How to get Healthy&Natural Looking Nails

October 23, 2018

Beauty DIY:How to get Healthy&Natural Looking Nails

For beautiful and healthy nails

 Eight simple and basic rules for beautiful and healthy manicure

Poorly maintained nails are evidence of flagrant negligence, whether we are talking of  women or of men. That is a fact!

You do not have to go to get a manicure or pedicure in the beauty salon every week and spend crazy money to make the nails on your hands and feet look good. You just need to know and follow some basic rules.

First – dirty and uncut nails, as well as peeled off nail polish, are a shame for every woman. The nature of your work does not justify you. If it is difficult for you to keep your nail polish and nail length, just use a nail strengthener and do not try having a long manicure.


Second – the same length for all nails. In the case of a deep broken nail, the length of all others is reduced.

Third – manicure does not mean that the nails should necessarily be long and varnished, but that they are well shaped and clean.

Fourth – any biting or ulcerating of the nails and cuticles are forbidden. You will only cause pain and you will ruin your fingers, and you may also get some fungal infection.

Fifth – no artificially glued nails. Except that the too long and sharp nails are not functional and look artificial, the glue will ruin the nail plates and it will take a long time for the nails to recover and grow healthy rather than curved and damaged.

Sixth – apply a colorless base coat before applying the colored nail polish. This will save your nails from gaining a yellow hue.

Seventh – let your nails “breathe” for a week or two. Do not polish them, just file them and align them. And if you want them not to break, use only files, do not cut them with nail clippers.


Eighth – do not overdo it with the experiments with the colors of the nail polish. Each nail in an individual color that does not match with the rest is neither fashion nor art. The same applies to drawings and nail art on all ten nails.


What Not to Do:

  • Bite your fingernails or pick at your cuticles.
  • Pull off hangnails.
  • Ignore problems. Call your doctor or dermatologist if anything looks off or unusual.
  • Use harsh nail care products. Limit your use of nail polish remover and opt for acetone-free.


It’s easy to neglect your nails, but taking some basic steps can keep your fingernails healthy and strong. If you’d like to learn more about nail care, consider the career of a nail technician.

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